Aggressive Family Law Divorce Attorney in Texas

Let us help you navigate the nuances of family law in a centered way that empowers you through the process of divorce.

It’s never easy coming apart as a couple whether it is amicable or adversarial.

We are here to take the confusion out of the process of divorce and protect the things that matter the most to you.

Keesha Montoya Law provides reliable and expert legal guidance to help you figure out your next steps, safeguard your rights, and guide you through the entire process of your case.

Let us help you gain clarity and develop strategy for:

  • Fair property division.
  • Custody arrangements that protect your children’s well-being.
  • Spousal support settlements that protect your future.

The first step is deciding where you are in the process. Do you feel that you and your spouse are amicable and able to come to agreements? If so, mediation might be for you.

Central Texas Divorce Mediation Attorney

Whether you live in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, or other major Texas cities, Louisiana or other states that we serve, we can help guide you through meditation when you and your spouse are amicable and willing to come to agreements about how you wish to divide property, create custody agreements and spousal support.

We are divorce meditation experts at helping couples find a bridge to amicable settlements with attention to reducing family stress and tension.

Safeguarding your family’s wellness as you move through the process is as important to us as the final outcomes.

Aggressive Divorce Trial Attorney for Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Killeen, Round Rock

In cases where we need to go to trial, we work closely with our clients to prepare them for any pre-trial motions such as depositions and hearings, so that such processes help to strengthen their cases.

We also don’t allow opposing counsels to bully our clients or manipulate them into agreements not in their best interest.

As a persistent divorce trial attorney, Ms. Montoya leaves no legal stone unturned in advocating for the rights of her clients and the protection of their property, children, and spousal support.

Schedule your free consultation today to explore how we can help you with your divorce.