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Aggressive divorce attorneys are a dime a dozen in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas, and other states, but do they really care about what is important to you and getting you to the other side of divorce intact?

You need more than a divorce attorney who will fight for you legally to secure property, child custody, or child support through a divorce.

I am a dedicated family law and divorce attorney who is deeply passionate about safeguarding your rights in Texas and in the other states where we are licensed, and in a way that preserves your peace of mind so that you can get to the other side of divorce safely and empowered.

What matters most to you is what is most important to me.

You need a powerful divorce litigator who isn’t afraid to fully advocate for you in an ethical and focused way that often leads the opposing counsels to settle instead of engaging in protracted or expensive divorce trials.

Take a deep breathe. 

You matter.   Your family matters.

I can provide you with the legal fortress to safeguard all that is dear to you—so that you can come out of the divorce process empowered and ready to build your new life.

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