Keesha Montoya Law, PLLC – About Us

Keesha Montoya Law, PLLC was founded on three principles. Empowering our clients with straightforward solutions and protecting what our client’s value most.  Whatever your circumstances or wherever you are in the legal process we can help. We understand the challenges our clients face while they try to navigate their lives and an overwhelming legal process. Our caring team of professionals will guide you through your divorce or child custody and child support issues. We have extensive experience in family violence, temporary restraining orders, and other emergency situations.

Keesha Montoya is a natural advocate with a keen ability to discern the core issues and what matters most to her clients.  Her caring approach allows her clients to feel comforted and assured while providing them with every legal mechanism for their safety and protection. Her intellect and innate ability to think quickly on her feet make her a powerful litigator, often leading opposing counsel to settlement instead of protracted and expensive trials. Her knowledge and positive attitude concerning children experiencing the stress of a divorce or custody process makes her an excellent family law attorney.

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