Accepting Clients

Keesha Montoya Law, PLLC is accepting clients. A highly experienced boutique family law firm that is here for you. Clients are raving about the impact Keesha Montoya Law, PLLC is having on their lives.

“Hands down the best at what she does. She represents the family and their needs in the courtroom and is just, honorable, and she means what she says”, states Jessica.

John says, “The absolute best attorney, I have ever encountered. I am 51 years old and I am retired law enforcement.”

“Keesha and her staff are beyond amazing. She is truly a Godsend that is ready to be the voice for the children”, N.M.

Whether you are a person who has a spouse who can agree to part amicably to reach a settlement or the other party has an attorney, and there are issues that they will not agree to without going to court, we can help. We hope that the later is not the case for you. Call if you would like to sit down or talk over the phone to discuss your case. Take care.

Keesha Montoya Law, PLLC
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Round Rock, TX 78681
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